18 Mart 2012 Pazar


The advertisement that I have chosen is a recent advert for MarcJacops’ reverse! heels. The reason why I chose that shoes and that particular advert is that Victoria Beckham is starring which makes the simple picture a meeting place where the most stupid shoes embrace the most absurd figures of TV, the Posh. All we see of Victoria Beckham is her legs spread-eagled and popping out of a huge MarcJacops’ shopping bag: women are either tough superbitch or infantilized victim.

The female as innately shoe fetishist has become a stereotype of advertising, magazines and look-books. And the designer shoe not only has stereotyped women in this way but also has become the symbol of female power and liberation due to post feminism’s “impressive” endeavor. It is ironic in the sense that high heels presented a view of womanhood as decorative, constricted, hypersexualized and enslaved by fashion. There are many reasons lead to creation of this image but among the very popular is the TV shows or movies (mass media) such as Sex and the City, one of its episodes was actually named “A Woman’s Right to Shoes” and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Contemporary shoe advertising is highly sexualized with images of women in positions of both extreme submission and dominance. A Chanel advert presents women in high heels who take men on walks on leashes or in the sensational Dolce Gabanna ad women in high heels are featured as victims of gang rape. Though it must be the shoes which must be the most important part of the advertisement, they are clearly looked-over by the half-naked women images. The purpose of this half-naked body is to get the attention of the trendy magazine reader. Unfortunately, this “Barbie” look is still considered or shown to be the only way or the ideal for women and it also suggests that women have to use their bodies to sell something!

Hidrofil Pamuk

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