19 Temmuz 2010 Pazartesi

K a l b i m

ya dalmaçyalı,

ya rus Karı.



15 Temmuz 2010 Perşembe

After doing “some” shopping, she felt so weary that she had to sleep. But only after 3 cups of tea, she went to sleep. Or she thought that she did because she couldn’t fall asleep. She insisted on falling a sleep for a loong time but her struggle was in vain. Then suddenly she felt like starving as if all the humanly needs were trying to bother her. She went to kitchen to get something to ease her hunger. She prepared a petit breakfast for herself and she started to feel a strange happiness in her which was doomed to be a petit one, too as it lasted until she found out that they were run out of bread. She realized that the battle between her humanly needs and herself is not yet over. She chose the least stale one and 3 glasses of milk, some black olives and a piece of kiri (a kind of cheese, umm something like lavachequirit) were also accompanied. It was really early in the morning: cars were to have their lights on but the traffic lights were functioning properly, i mean it was not just yellow lights flashing. She turned on theTV just to clear away her fears. The 3rd channel was on, Kanal D, and there was a Turkish movie named "Children of Secret" which was about the children who are living in the streets of Istanbul well indeed the kids and Istanbul were basically the tools to present the evil and the cruelty on the streets. She cried while watching and while crying, her cousin Ü crossed her mind for a sec. She watched the arguments on “Kurt issue” but she couldn’t stand, she decided to continue with the movie again. She watched it till The End. She got rid of her dirty dishes. She decided to pray thus she went to bathroom first. She woke her mom to join her. She opened the windows of her room as usual and she looked around, she saw a cat hurrying. She called the cat though she was on the fifth floor she knew that they were looking each others eyes. She told him or her (but she assumed that it was a she anyway) to wait and she went back to kitchen to get something special for her and she did. She was half glad and half surprised to see her waiting under her window. She threw the faggot she brought. She watched the cat finishing her "special" breakfast when the blondie finished she looked up, asking for more. She wouldn’t let down her so she went to get more. Whiling slicing the faggot she smiled and felt excided but she also felt guilty for a second as the faggot was a specially-made by her father’s butcher. When she was back she saw another cat (she assumed that it was a he anyway) which was black. He was hurrying to get his share. When she was about to throw his share, s/he (she assumed that was a she anyway) popped out of her window groggy, trying to figure out whether she heard someone calling the cats or she was nuts. The black cat had to wait for a while… but that was not in vain: thanks to that woman he got a bigger share as the blondie was not that patient. She checked if the woman was still there but she wasn’t. She threw the last slice of the faggot but it fell on the very very worst place: the sleepy woman’s windowsill! She guessed that it would be the proof for her that she was not nuts, yet! She took a last look around and took a deep breathe. She thought that it was only the weather which she would miss about this "splendid" city! Then she came inside and prayed.