14 Ocak 2011 Cuma

Girl with Shades
She is a living soul
with her shiny eyes
unlike her clothes.
She likes to merge
things until
she gets confused
of her own mess.
Some days she loves
even the shit of the
streetdogs yet
other days
she may even make
people cry.

She as all other s/he-s likes to talk about
She thinks that some minds with not enough heart
don't deserve his songs,
him is special.
She's for most of the time is stupid to the bone
but her silence & eyes cover her up.

She likes to play with things people wouldn't
care of thinking.
She lives not within but with dreams.
She likes to hear the tiny sound when
the tiny, hard, yellowish snow which she
digs from her greasy head crashes to
the page.

She throws it at the very first place just to
come across it
within the lines of the page.

She wanders around
these days.
She cannot decide whether
she's been through a lot
or hasn't even seen a bit.

Well, if you ask me,
it doesn't matter at all
'cuz she will anyway.

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